Unfinished work

Some unfinished or rough work that show my style in a looser and simpler sense, these were mostly throw-away studies however they portray my personality in a way that polished and completed pieces don’t.

Large pieces

Although I find many joys in working on a smaller canvas, the merits of larger scales are certainly plentiful and it allows for me to produce work like this. These are four of my more impressive works, the bottom right being submitted to the gallery competition of Art in the City, Gloucestershire. Although it did not win, another painting of mine won the Student category of the live painting competition, an achievement I am proud of. The other works are the result of school projects, some being fairly recent and others being several years old.

Sculpting work

Although I’m unsure as to how relevant this would be in an illustration course, I found that making a sculpture for my A level project ‘Decay’ allowed me to explore 3D spaces in a way that wasn’t possible to me before, this allowed for a more complex understanding of how a figure takes up room and how light and angles can affect an artwork.

Life Drawings

I took several life drawings over the course of a year and I find it to be one of the most informative experiences I’ve had in terms of anatomy and knowledge of the human body. It was a fun experience as well as an educational one and I find myself using those skills frequently. This is a small portion of those drawings.

My best digital work

This selection is what I would consider some of my very best digital work. There is a lot of emphasis on my colouring technique here, however, the accumulation of my experience using Adobe programs like Photoshop and through my self taught trial and error has resulted in something I’m incredibly proud of.

GCSE art coursework

These were made for my GCSE art course and despite being a few years old now, they are excellent examples of the kind of quality I can produce. Over the past few years my work standard has only accelerated, meaning that the work I produce now is much more advanced than the work I produced then. I am excited to hopefully be able to produce this kind of work at degree level.

Simplistic/cartoon-like work

I wanted to show that I can bring my own unique flair to a simple animated style, so this is a small collection of work that plays a lot more with shapes and proportions. Although realistic studies and working from real life is highly important to any kind of art, there is a certain level of skill required to transform that knowledge and apply it elsewhere. This is my way of expressing that I am versatile in my skill set.

Boar studies + final GCSE piece

This was my final piece for my GCSE project, I wanted it to have a sense of relevance to my own life so I centered it around the boar problem that exists in the Forest of Dean. To make it more appealing I dramatized the issue and worked with many different ideas to figure out what worked best. You can see from the first sketches that I almost completely changed my original plan.